TGAF Interview with Donna Braman

This is an interview I did with Fast follower Donna Jean Braman prior to the first Great American Fast in 2011. Donna had a heart for God. So much so that God took her home in a tragic car accident just three weeks before the fast on July 3, 2011. Her insights live on. William:Continue reading “TGAF Interview with Donna Braman”

A Throwback to The Great American Fast I – 2011

This brief article was posted shortly after we experienced the first Great American Fast. At that time, the fast was a one-day event, and it was held on Sunday, July 3, 2011 at Lifegate Baptist Church. Three speakers were present – Pastor Ken Codner (Grace Baptist Church, Spring Mills, PA); The Snyder Family (Missionaries toContinue reading “A Throwback to The Great American Fast I – 2011”

A New America – Happy Birthday!

America – Over the past 245 years you have grown into the greatest nation in the world. I pray that January 20, 2021 does not mark the day of your demise. Since then, we have seen the systematic, intentional destruction of our nation. The force at work is greater than any one person. God’s peopleContinue reading “A New America – Happy Birthday!”

Peter Ruckman – Dangerous Deceiver and False Prophet – Part 4

A Quick Review In Parts 1-3 we have seen the description of a cult leader manifested in Peter Ruckman. Cult leaders typically harshly criticize any who dare disagree with their position. Cult leaders also frequently claim to be given special knowledge not known to anyone else. Cult leaders tend to control their devotees by threatsContinue reading “Peter Ruckman – Dangerous Deceiver and False Prophet – Part 4”