TGAF Interview with Donna Braman

This is an interview I did with Fast follower Donna Jean Braman prior to the first Great American Fast in 2011. Donna had a heart for God. So much so that God took her home in a tragic car accident just three weeks before the fast on July 3, 2011. Her insights live on.

William: Donna, it's really great to have you along for The Great 
 American Fast! I know you're no stranger to prayer and fasting. Do 
 you have some thoughts for those that may be fasting for the first 
 time this July 3rd? 
 Donna: I think the Great American fast for one day is a perfect 
 first time fast. Most people start out with a single meal fast 
 and then go to the full 24 hour fast. Or, you may choose a juice 
 fast for the first time. But eventually you must go to just water 
 because fasting is about self denial to show God your desire or 
 anguish on a matter which is what moves Him. 
 A fast means complete denial of nutrition. The purpose is to show 
 God how empty you are of yourself and seeking Him and His Kingdom 
 for the purpose of Him to move on a situation. This takes humility 
 and self denial in that process of coming before Him. In the Great 
 American Fast we are wanting to lift the sin and change the hearts 
 of the people of this nation. So God says, how bad do you want it? 
 Let me see the anguish in your heart. Some bondage and oppression 
 actually requires a longer fast accompanied with prayer. 
 But for the purpose here which is to bring our nation back in line 
 with God’s commandments and love for Him, we are going to have to 
 be very contrite in spirit and cry out to Him and show Him how it 
 pains us to see our nation turn from Him. 
 A repentant spirit is a must in this type of fast. Yes, we have to 
 actually repent for this nation’s sin and feel contrite that we 
 sat silent while God’s commands and love for Him were set aside 
 for our own desires. We must take that 24 hours and be sleepless,  
 restless with unceasing prayer with the fast. Fasting without 
 prayer will have no effect. This particular fast is not to make 
 us a better person, but to call out to God to intercede on the 
 behalf of a nation and His church. To undo the oppression (the 
 financial crisis of the nation and ungodly leadership), to bring 
 forth leadership that will bring God back into this nation, and 
 set the oppressed nation free from an idolatrous leadership and 
 So we want to release a spiritual principle which is Matthew 6:33, 
 Seek ye first the kingdom of God in this nation and His 
 righteousness; so all these things will be added unto you.” When 
 we fast corporately and link spiritually to many others who are 
 fasting at the same time for the same reason, then you see 
 manifestation because fasting and prayer is the avenue by which 
 we take possession and dominion in the body of Christ. 
 Remember the scripture that says, “one can chase a thousand, two 
 can put ten thousand to flight.”  One man’s fast is very powerful, 
 but two men’s fast means multiplied strength and releases 
 multiplied blessings and manifestation. It’s a seed principle that 
 works when it is done for the right purpose.  
 William: What would you like to see God do in your personal life 
 between now and July 3rd? 

 Donna: To burden my heart for this nation so heavy that I fall 
 prostrate before Him and weep like I’ve never wept before; for 
 loss of prayer in school for our children, to cry out for our 
 high courts that have abandoned HIS laws for man’s justice, for 
 God to return His justice in our civil government, One Nation 
 Under God. To feel contrite and sorry that I didn’t get involved 
 and cry out to our legislative branch as millions of babies were 
 aborted in this nation, to cry for the pain that’s in my heart 
 in seeing the church embrace the mind of the worldly system with 
 homosexuality and sin in its leadership, for Ministers to speak 
 God’s truth again in this nation. To cry for the harvest that is 
 left in the dark because we won’t speak the truth and open 
 Christ’s door to the dying world, obedience and courage to finish 
 His work. To have God’s own heart with the weeping spirit of 
 Christ is what I desire more personally than anything, so I can 
 rise up and be the prayer warrior this nation needs. You see pain 
 leads to courage to step up to the plate and fulfill our calling. 
 My God, I cry out before You that I am living in an unclean 
 nation, but your spirit is in my heart, and your words burned in 
 my mind, make my heart conditioned to be the intercessor you have 
 called me to be. Give me the courage to speak my heart for  a 
 repentance and great return to YOU from this nation and your body. 
 To get to that place where I can speak His word with no care of 
 what the world thinks of me but that I can be glad when they 
 persecute me for standing for truth and rejoice in my enemy.  
 William: What is one of the greatest lessons the Lord has taught 
 you through fasting?  

 Donna: I used to be your typical praying person in church. I 
 would say the blessing over meals, I would say a 2 minute prayer 
 at night, and I would pray on Sunday morning at the altar. I 
 thought I was a pretty good Christian. But one day I decided 
 I needed to get into the word and see really what God was saying 
 to us all. The more I read, the more blemishes I saw in myself. 
 The word was finally beginning to be the discerner of my heart. 
 I was seeing so much feel good messages and still seeing blemishes 
 in the church and I knew that the Lord had said to the churches, 
 I am coming for an unblemished, spotless, without wrinkle bride. 
 I became very distressed in my spirit from what I saw in myself and 
 the church. That luke-warm love for the one who had died and took 
 our sins upon His shoulders so we could be reconciled to the HOLY 
 FATHER baffled me, and then I realized the worldly mind was 
 running the church. I began to discern in my spirit why the church 
 had lost its power. NO PRAYER, and fasting was an alien thought. 
 I began to study about prayer, and I looked very closely at the 
 biblical characters that prayed and fasted and moved mountains. It  
 didn’t take me long to see that it was prayer and fasting that saved  
 Daniel and his two friends in that fire. They were prayed up and 
 fasted before they went that day before the King’s court, and they   
 had faith in their prayers, otherwise they would not have gone that   
 I began to look at King David’s prayer life, how he prostrated 
 himself with fasting and prayer and weeping before the Lord in a  
 contrite spirit. 
 He understood prayer and fasting and repentance. Joshua was prayed up 
 for 7 days and fasted before the walls of Jericho fell. The apostles, 
 didn’t just go and tarry in Jerusalem after Jesus’ ascension. They 
 prayed and they fasted and they praised and worshiped, and then they 
 prayed some more for 10 straight days, and the manifestation came and 
 they were empowered from on High, and equipped then to preach the 
 gospel to the nations. 
 Elijah was a praying man and he fasted often. A lot of people think  
 he prayed only one time and the rain fell, but not so. We find him in  
 the Bible praying and seeing no answer. He went back and prayed and 
 fasted some more, unceasingly until the heavens opened up. So what 
 I’ve learned most of all is if you don’t give up or faint, keep on  
 fasting and praying the answer will come. Most of us give up after 
 we’ve petitioned God two times on a matter, and say well, it must not   
 be His will, but God told Elijah, go pray again, and again and again. 
 So we see here the order God has for prayer and fasting in coming 
 before His throne. 
 The blind man Bartemeus, he didn’t just call out to Jesus one time, 
 he called out over and over and the people were trying to shut him 
 up, but he cried louder, Jesus, son of David, and about that 7th 
 time, the Master walked by Him and heard his heart felt cry. So first 
 I learned to make sure what I was asking for was God’s will, and 
 knowing His word gives you the answer to that, most prayers I do I 
 petition God using His own word, and not my natural desire. Is it 
 God’s will for this nation to return to Him and be holy? You bet it 
 is, and that’s His will from Genesis to Revelation and this is how I 
 know the saints can turn this nation around with the great desire of 
 God becoming the desire of their hearts.  
 William:  Now Donna, you've organized the Believers Ministry Online 
 Prayer Network. Could you share with our readers a little about that 
 Donna: I started out doing a little daily devotional on line and I began 
 to get prayer requests and I decided to add to the devotional a prayer 
 line. Within a year it grew to 300 members, mostly in my area and state. 
 I am a minister of education and I was teaching the Christian Hebraic 
 roots in churches and one day the Lord said to me, I want you to pray 
 for the Jews and for Israel and the persecuted church. 
 Well I didn’t know what to do with that because I didn’t really know 
 at that time all the needs of Israel and knew no one in a church from 
 a persecuted nation. I knew the biblical Israel (old Bible) and  
 Torah from my studies, for that’s what my degree is in.  So I was at  
 that place we all come to when we are searching for our destiny and  
 don’t know what doors to go through, when it seems all doors are 
 closed, but I clearly heard the clarion call for the Jews and the 
 persecuted church around the world.  So I rested in Him after I just   
 about drove myself crazy over it. But I can look back now and see how 
 God was slowly opening the doors for me to be a prayer warrior for 
 Israel and the persecuted church through these internet connections. 
 I was talking Torah, obedience to God in this nation again. 
 I was still doing the prayer line and one day I realized I had 
 several hundred Jewish connects. I didn’t realize it but I was 
 teaching the same way the apostles and Jesus had in the first church. 
 I was a Sabbath keeper and the Jews were drawn to me for all those 
 reasons. I have never met a Jew that wasn’t interested In Jesus. They 
 just want to hear about him from Christians that reflect Jesus’ 
 spirit and love, and obey the Lord’s commands that Jesus taught.  So 
 I decided to begin a bigger prayer site that would be picked up by 
 google and within that prayer line teach about prayer and our 
 Christian roots, and bringing our nation back in line with God’s 

 I began Believers Ministry Prayer Warriors from a Ning site. The rest 
 is history and now I have personal relationships with many Jews and 
 have brought some of them and others to the Lord. I love the 
 Messianics, the Jews who have become believers of Christ as their 
 Messiah, and Christians who have returned to their roots. This is 
 a very exciting time to be alive because we can see with a clear 
 vision of how God is bringing the two olive branches back into one 
 branch which is prophesied for these end times. I have many connects 
 around the world in the persecuted church and pray for many churches 
 and ministers who are suffering greatly for Christ’s name sake. So 
 obedience to your call is what opens doors supernaturally. Not men, 
 and I was mistaken in thinking men would open that door, but this is 
 just not the way Christ works for his called servants. 
 Most of the time in your calling it will be very lonely and you will 
 be misunderstood by the very ones who you thought would help open 
 those doors. And you will be tested to make your calling sure. God 
 will watch and see if you are going to be obedient to Him or man. I 
 passed that test but not without many sleepless nights and mistakes. 
 God has blessed me and made it possible for me to bless many in 
 persecuted churches and Israel financially through Believer Ministry, 
 Inc  which I am the president of with a 4 member board. We are a 501c 
 nonprofit ministry. We do the outreach teaching, hands on teaching
 and participation of the feasts of the Lord, and a prayer ministry. 
 We help the fatherless, the widows and aliens with love gifts 
 quarterly and I am thankful that the Lord provides more and more for 
 these causes each year from this humble ministry. 
 God has opened many more doors since I began the prayer line one 
 year ago. I am the NC coordinator for the Day of Prayer For Jerusalem 
 and an official prayer warrior site for Daughter of Zion, an umbrella 
 to CUFI.  Christians United For Israel under the leadership of John 
 Hagee. So if you ever have been told in a church you are not anointed 
 and you can’t do this or that in a ministry, you better run, because 
 Christ has called all of us to a ministry. Not someone else’s 
 ministry but the one He has chosen for us individually and this is 
 what makes 
 all the body parts come together and be powerful, not by 
 some leadership that thinks they have all the gifting and anointing. 
 God does not call the qualified but HE qualifies the called.  
 William: Now back to fasting for a moment--Do you have any thoughts 
 about developing the right mental and spiritual attitude toward 
 fasting. Many people come to me and think fasting is something that 
 they can't do.  

 Donna: The scriptural definition of fasting is that it is an act or 
 work that people do to show humility in the afflicting of themselves 
 to accomplish the will of God in their lives and in the lives of 
 others. This includes mourning in repentance before God. But 
 Christians today speak of fasting as a way to subdue the flesh in
 order to feel more virtuous or invigorated.   
 This has never been the fast of biblical accounts. Far too many 
 people view the fast as an accomplishment or 
 work of contrition that they consciously or unconsciously, think God 
 will look favorably upon. However, today’s fast is something 
 infinitely more rewarding than the act of physically starving 
 ourselves to feel righteous. We have to look at what Jesus meant when 
 He told us that we must die to the flesh to be a part of Him. We 
 actually ascend with Him when we die to the natural world and become 
 a kingdom child.  That is the hardest thing to die to the flesh, but 
 if we are afraid to let go of food for one day, it reflects how much 
 we still need to die to this old flesh and be a new creature in Him. 
 We truly are set apart then. 
 The most profound truth in the word of God is in Revelation where 
 John tells us that heaven stands still for half an hour as God hears 
 the prayers from His saints. A saint is one who has been bought with 
 the blood of Christ and is no longer living to self or in the flesh 
 but in Him in the spiritual realm. We are however, still subject to 
 nature in the flesh, and we fight that battle everyday of our lives, 
 to say no to the flesh and yes to the spiritual things He called us 
 If a person is weak in the flesh with disease, or health issues I do 
 not recommend a long fast but the Daniel fast is a great fast for 
 those that are elderly or have health issues. The Daniel fast is 
 fruits and vegetables and juices. It is for the prolonged fast 
 which is needed for certain prayer needs, especially if you are 
 praying and fasting to lift addictions, and strongholds.   
 William: As we approach TGAF on July 3rd, what would you like to 
 see God do in our nation? 

 Donna: “If my people would turn from their wicked ways and pray and 
 fast, I will heal their land.” A healing of the heart of America is 
 my greatest desire and to see the blessing of return. A great   
 William: Donna, thank you for spending some time with us. Before you 
 leave, could you leave us with a word of encouragement as we press on 
 toward July 3rd and The Great American Fast?  

 Donna: When your hearts and minds are in the fast for spiritual 
 purposes or done for another you will experience a joy unspeakable. 
 The Holy Spirit will reveal much to you in this self afflicted state 
 in the spiritual realm outside of your flesh. Things you have 
 pondered on or didn’t have the answer to will come to you. 
 When you read His word during a fast discernment and new revelation 
 comes. It may be a passage you have read a thousand times but God  
 will bring that scripture to you for the purpose of your fast and 
 The rewards of drawing near to Him and seeing the heavens open up to 
 you will erase any fear of discomfort of a day of fasting. Each time 
 we fast we grow spiritually in mind, soul and spirit. The greatest 
 miracle of fasting is when we do a series of fasts and finally we see 
 that breakthrough, and we know we have touched the throne of God and 
 He answered us. We know then that we stopped heaven for 30 minutes 
 and our spoken words were an incense to God’s nostrils. 

Published by My Very Own Writing Coach

I'm not getting any younger and I've enjoyed writing almost my entire life - from lyrics and poetry to short stories and novels. Most, but not all of my writing, contain spiritual themes. I am a born-again Christian, and I try to honor my Lord through the written page. He has truly changed my life and I'm forever grateful. In addition to writing, I also pastor Lifegate Baptist Church in Bellefonte, PA, and have a burning desire to see God revive our land.The Great American Fast is my passion so please stop by and visit me at I've lived in the same small town all but twelve of my 60 years. Central PA is a wonderful place to live - mountains, streams, and peace abound. I enjoy spending time with my family and the family pets - four cats and a dog.

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