Is Christianity the Only True Religion – Part 3

In determining which religion we can trust, we have looked at the holy book of Christianity and have found that it stands out in several ways. This distinguishes the Bible from any other holy book. We have also seen that the founder of Christianity is unique to the world’s religions. Let us now consider a third way that Christianity stands above religion.

The message of the Bible, both Old and New Testament, centers on the cross of Christ. The writer of Hebrews says in chapter 9:22, “…without shedding of blood is no remission.”This is the primary difference between Christianity and the other 2,000+ religions of the world. It was Christ, Emmanuel, God in the flesh, that purchased our redemption on the cross as He bled and died for humanity.

Our ability to have a relationship with the God of Heaven is based solely on the work of Christ. On the other hand, every other religion becomes a matter of man trying to work his way to God. According to religion, salvation depends on man’s doing. Christianity depends completely on what God already did for us. In short, religion is a matter of man’s ability to earn God’s favor. Christianity is a matter of what God did to reach man.

Check it out. There is absolutely no other religion where the founder has laid down his life for his followers to provide salvation. It is the cross that separates Christianity from all other religions. It was the difference between God’s great love (John 3:16) and our great sin (Romans 3:23). God proved His love by pointing to the cross.

Only Christianity has a supernatural holy book. The only religion where God claims to be the creator is Christianity. Christianity is the only religion where the founder sacrifices himself for his followers. Christianity is also the only religion where the founder sacrifices himself for his followers and then resurrects himself.

Simon Greenleaf, a Harvard law professor, set out to disprove the resurrection. What he found was that there was more than enough circumstantial evidence in Scripture alone to prove in a court of law that Christ actually raised from the dead. I am not writing to prove resurrection. At some point, I may do that. I am writing to show the uniqueness of Christianity. Consider Acts 1:3, “To whom also he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God.” You may also want to check out Matthew 17:9, Hebrews 12:2, and I Corinthians 15:1-8.

Eye witnesses of the resurrection abounded. There was Mary, and the Disciples. Over 500 people saw Jesus at once. We have the fact of the empty tomb, which was guarded with the life of the Roman guards. Perhaps the best testimony to resurrection was the changed lives of the apostles.

Peter is the perfect example. Before the crucifixion, Peter denied the Lord three times, fearful for his own life. After the resurrection, he transformed into one of the most powerful preachers that ever lived. What about Paul? Constantly harassing and persecuting Christians, his encounter with the resurrected Lord changed the Gentile world forever. No other religious founder ever conquered death by resurrection.

Jesus Christ is what makes the difference. He claims to be the only way (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; John 3:16; Romans 10:9; I Peter 3:15). His claim to be God in the flesh is the focal point of the Christian holy book. He is the founder of Christianity, unlike any other religious leader. He sacrificed Himself for His followers and then conquered death by His own resurrection. Out of 2,000 differing religions, only one can be true. Christianity stands above all others. That is the greatness of God.

Published by My Very Own Writing Coach

I'm not getting any younger and I've enjoyed writing almost my entire life - from lyrics and poetry to short stories and novels. Most, but not all of my writing, contain spiritual themes. I am a born-again Christian, and I try to honor my Lord through the written page. He has truly changed my life and I'm forever grateful. In addition to writing, I also pastor Lifegate Baptist Church in Bellefonte, PA, and have a burning desire to see God revive our land.The Great American Fast is my passion so please stop by and visit me at I've lived in the same small town all but twelve of my 60 years. Central PA is a wonderful place to live - mountains, streams, and peace abound. I enjoy spending time with my family and the family pets - four cats and a dog.

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