The Marisol Deception – An Excerpt

The Marisol Deception is an Apocalyptic Thriller. That being said, it is fiction set in the time period that the Bible calls The Great Tribulation. The Bible describes in detail the events of the Apocalypse. For a factual presentation of the details that will take place upon the earth at some point, read the book of Revelation. But The Marisol Deception is fiction. Don’t confuse the events of the story with the real-life scenario of Revelation.

I have seen and/or read so many apocalyptic thrillers over the years. I question my sanity in writing one. My only hope is to approach the Apocalypse from a hopefully unique perspective. Even though I wrote this nearly four years ago, it seems appropriate for today. Enjoy!

“But, Mr. President, do you realize the great position you are in? You’ll be the hero of the American people for sure, but the world will love you, too. You’ll have them eating out of your hand. You’ve been prepared for such a time as this. Your leadership will literally turn the world around.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Wexford. But right now we have a crisis of major proportions we need to deal with.”

“Oh, absolutely, Mr. President. But if we deal with it in the right way, the world will be begging you to be their leader. They will love you and will respond to anything you say. Money. Power. World control. What else could anyone want?”

“And what’s in it for you, Wexford? I know you too well. You’ve been my trusted friend for too long. and in this business, trusted friends are hard to find. Are you still true?”

“Now, Mr. President, you know me better than that! Yes, we have a terrible situation on our hands, but you have to realize, too, that you’ve been afforded a tremendous opportunity. We’ve been pushing for a socialist America for so long, but you can actually make it happen. With each previous election, the party has been wearing down the American people. But with the catastrophic events of last night, it can become a reality. The American people will be glad to sell their souls to the United States Government.

“Surely you can see if you promise them a way out of this turmoil, if you promise them peace in these confusing circumstances, they’ll follow you to their grave. But Mr. President, we must also realize it’s just not America that is looking for a savior. These turn of events have infected the entire world. The world is looking to you, Mr. President, for salvation. The world has its eyes focused on you, waiting for you to tell them what to do. You need to make it happen.”

The disaster from the night before was all that was on Dickinson’s mind. At precisely 10:42 the earth witnessed a terrible shaking. An earthquake like no other had the earth reeling like a drunkard. Buildings toppled everywhere. Airplanes were forced from the skies by what was believed to be a violent change in air pressure. Further investigation found that some of the pilots were not found. Cars and trucks were spread over the interstates and highways like butter on pancakes.

The few eye-witnesses declared that just prior to the disaster, a loud sound resembling a trumpet was heard, and an extremely bright light flashed a split second after. Millions were missing. It became obvious that so many of the millions would never be found. A dark spirit bringing dark days covered the earth and seemed to rest especially hard on the shoulders of United States President Aaron Dickinson.

Kerry Wexford, President Dickinson’s personal aide walked out of the room, leaving the President to study the speech he was to give later that evening. Less than 24 hours after the worldwide calamity, the eyes of the world were looking to Washington for answers – and not without reason. For so many years, America had been the powerhouse of nations, a leader of leaders. As control was gradually taken away from the people and gathered to the government, the power of the US was seen even greater by those countries who were seeking a strong socialist government.

Not a person on Capitol Hill would say the drive toward socialism was easy. Without a plan of great deceit and trickery, it would never have happened. But it did. Now, there was but one more nail to drive into the coffin of the American people, The march to rid the citizens of their freedom and control every aspect of their lives was nearing the end. The parade was crossing the finish line. Aaron Dickinson was the right person at the right place at the right time.

Wexford made his way back to the President. “Mr. President, are you ready, sir. You’re on in five.”

“Yes, Kerry. let’s go do this.”

The lights flicked on. The teleprompter was in place. Dickinson began.

“It is with a heavy heart that I come to you tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time of great loss. America has suffered a great loss at the hands of nature. But there is one thing we have not lost – our hope of rebuilding. Will it be easy? We all know it will be one of the most difficult things we, as a nation, have ever had to do, but I also have the utmost confidence that our dream of an even greater America will be realized. I promise you, your government will not let you down.

“And to the world, I know you are hurting tonight. I also know that we are hurting with you and for you tonight. You can count on America to come through for you in your time of great need.

“. . . I must admit, we do not have all the answers to last night’s tragedy, but we have the sharpest minds in the world working on this. America and the world, we have your back.”

“Mr. President, I’ve just been informed. You need to make plans to go to Area 51 as soon as tomorrow.”

“Wexford, what are talking about? I don’t have time to be away right now. I need to be here and do all I can to work this out.”

“Mr. President. You need to pack your bags. It will all be explained to you upon your arrival.

President Dickinson was awakened by Kerry Wexford’s phone call. “It’s important that we leave now. We must hurry. We must leave before the sun rises. I’ll meet you at the gate.”

The sleepy president replied, “What’s the hurry? Why is this necessary? I’ve not slept well since this whole thing happened. Area 51 can wait. I need to find out what happened to millions of missing people worldwide. You yourself said the world was looking to me for answers. Right now, my first priority is to find those answers. I’m accountable to the American people, if not to the world.”

Wexford was growing impatient, but he knew better than to interrupt the president when he was speaking. He waited for a pause then he simply said, “Mr. President, we don’t have to discuss this. This is a secret mission and we must be in the air before 6:00 a.m. I’ll meet you at the gate in fifteen.”

Wexford disconnected the call quickly to avoid any argument from Dickinson. Then he turned his phone off to avoid a return call and headed for the underground tunnel that would surface one-hundred-fifty yards from the waiting Air Force One. Dickinson frantically got things together and went to the basement of The White House. From there he continued to take another elevator two-hundred feet below the streets of Washington D. C. Wexford was there to meet him as he pushed open the gate to the dimly lit tunnel.

Not a word was spoken as they ran through the dimly lit, semi-dark of the tunnel. Exiting the tunnel into the even darker early morning, they ran to the plane. Air Force One was ready for take-off. They would talk more once they were in the air.

The presidential plane gracefully lifted into the dark turned gray as the first strokes of morning sunlight greeted the day. An agitated President Dickinson began, “Wexford, what’s this all about? Why the rush? Why the urgency? Certainly, even you realize the necessity of getting to the bottom of this disappearance event. Something of drastic means happened, and it will take drastic measures to get to the answers we need. And may I remind you, We need to know what happened as soon as possible.

“I don’t have time to go trapesing all over the country when there is important work to do. And if that’s not enough, what are the American people going to think? Most are sitting by their televisions right now waiting to hear something. Wexford, you have some explaining to do.”

Wexford wiped his brow. He knew this was going to be an extremely long trip. “Okay. Okay. I get it Mr. President. First of all, the American people will never know your exact location. They will be told via a press release that you are searching out answers to what happened, but because of the sensitive nature of the search, that is all of the information that can be released at this time. And Mr. President, you will be working on finding the answer.

“We’ll be landing soon. Things will begin to make sense when we touch down, but this is a very secret mission. You will be meeting some very influential people with a lot of political power. Mr. President, this is your time to shine.”

“Who planned this anyway, Wexford? I don’t have time to hobnob with the rich and famous. I need answers. And why is it you seem to be heading this mission. You didn’t even go through the proper protocol. I smell a rat, Wexford.”

“Mr. President, I can understand your thinking, your surprise by all that has happened. The world has been changed overnight. There’s pressure on you to come through. As I said, this is a very secret mission. The protocol had to be ignored because of the urgency of which you speak. You won’t be hobnobbing so you can breathe easy. We are going to Area 51 for one reason and one reason only.”

“Wexford, we need answers . . .”

“Mr. President, Area 51 is the answer.”

Published by My Very Own Writing Coach

I'm not getting any younger and I've enjoyed writing almost my entire life - from lyrics and poetry to short stories and novels. Most, but not all of my writing, contain spiritual themes. I am a born-again Christian, and I try to honor my Lord through the written page. He has truly changed my life and I'm forever grateful. In addition to writing, I also pastor Lifegate Baptist Church in Bellefonte, PA, and have a burning desire to see God revive our land.The Great American Fast is my passion so please stop by and visit me at I've lived in the same small town all but twelve of my 60 years. Central PA is a wonderful place to live - mountains, streams, and peace abound. I enjoy spending time with my family and the family pets - four cats and a dog.

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