Prayer Requests

Please send your prayer requests via the Contact Us page. We will make sure each one is added to the list. Let’s watch God do something great!

From Pauline: Please pray for my granddaughter Bethany Faith she is in the Manchester Royal Infirmary – Centre of excellence. She is only 15 years old and has been diagnosed as having Crohn’s disease. Her mother had to fight to get her to a specialist (and that included contacting her M.P.) over a period of twelve months. . . Bethany’s treatment has been neglected and as a result her whole body is ulcerated. She is on iron intravenously. She is a lovely child,
very quiet and gentle.

My daughter has come under vicious attacks over the past few years, including a car crash last year . . . Four months ago she broke her ankle Her ankle was badly damaged, surgery followed. Plates, pins were inserted and she has only recently got her mobility back to drive.

She witnessed when in hospital and nursing staff were coming to visit her and wanted to talk about her faith. She was a mighty witness.
Now her child is suffering. Please pray protection over her and her family.

Please pray for the man who was arrested in Sussex, UK, for providing food from his mobile kitchen set up in a park in Sussex for the homeless (at present being housed in empty hotels) needing food. The local police were filmed leading the man away in handcuffs. His only crime – feeding the desperate.

From Lori: Right now I am battling a possible COVID illness. I got a test
yesterday but won’t get results for 3-5 days.

From Anonymous: Please lift up our president in prayer.

From Colin Cross: Please pray for the salvation of all those who don’t believe Jesus’ precious blood is necessary.

From Pauline: Requesting prayer that the eyes and ears of the nations will be opened to the spirit of deception. That God will strengthen those who stand and protect His children from the evil that is increasing. That He will send help for those targeted by the enemy.

From Pauline: Praying for Lori. Suspected Covid 19. May the Holy Spirit fill you with His Peace – Healing Blessings. Spiritual health is considered a plus when dealing with illness. We have nothing to fear – if we can’t fight the virus we are going home to be with the Lord.
In my prayers – and in His Precious Name – Pauline

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